What I Sell On Mercari

Hello lovelies ❤️ How have you been?

So I recently reorganized and added some new items to my Mercari Shop and I just wanted to show you guys! I’ve actually listed all the stuff i’m selling below and their direct links to my page just if you wanna check it out 👇🏻 You can also click here to sign up and use my code FKUPJQ to get $10 off your first purchase.

Lemme know what you think of these beauties :

1. Tommy Hilfiger Clutch in Gold

2. Steve Madden Wallets in Black, Red and Gold

3. Calvin Klein Purse

4. Tommy Hilfiger Clutch – Brown

5. Marc New York Handbag

6. Tommy Hilfiger Backpack

7. LOFT Lace Top

8. LORAC California Dreaming Lip Kit

9. Makeup Bundle #1

10. Makeup Bundle #2

That’s about it! I’ll be adding more items soon. Feel free to ask me questions about the products or make price offers. Also, if you have Mercari or Poshmark shop, leave your links below so I can check out your pages as well!

May you have a wonderful day! xoxo

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