Nail Polish Monday #5 | DIY Ombrè Nails Using Crepe Paper 💅

Hello lovelies !! ❤️

Using crepe papers to color nails was something I didn’t know effective until I tried doing the DIY Crepe Paper Hair Dye, which has been sort of a trend on the internet lately. And yes, I did it too. Don’t judge me. 😄

Now, how did I get the ombrè nails? Basically, I got my nails stained by the crepe paper while dyeing my hair. When I was done and taking my plastic gloves off, I noticed it got my nails colored! It was unintentional. I’d say I expected it would stained a little but I didn’t know it could be this beautiful! Isn’t it lovely? 

Obviously, you don’t need to do the DIY hair dye to get this result. Just get a crepe paper (cut into small strips) , put it on a little amount of hot water and then dampen your nails with it! That’s all what you have to do. But girl, don’t forget to use good color combinations ❤️

So yeah, that’s everything for this post! If you got questions or suggestions, feel free to type them down below! 

See you next time x


DIY Bookmarks 📚

Hello guys 🙂 How is your weekend goin so far?  

Today I will show you this DIY project perfect for all the bookworms out there! These bookmarks are very fun and easy to create! You”ll just need few materials which you probably already have at home. 

*Sorry I can’t provide you step by step photos because we actually made these stuffs in school many many months ago. It’s pretty easy to make anyway. Defo a no-brainer even for a kid 🙂 


Materials used: 

1. Colored Cardboard

2. Papers with designs

3. Scissor

4. Puncher

5. Yarn 

6. Wooden small flowers I got from a shop

Just did some folds and cuts here and there. And Tadaaaaa!! It’s done ❤️ Easy peasy. 


How do you find this DIY? Aren’t they adorable? 😍😍 Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


     He sat up. He smiled. Something heavy and winged took off from his chest.

   Eleanor hadn’t written him a letter, it was a postcard. 

     Just three words long…

*Me Screaming Internally..Waaaahhhh. Bye.

DIY Pen Holders ✏️✂️

Hello everyone !!
        My niece (Elline) and Darylle came over this morning because they wanted to watch cartoons and play the piano 😉 which they definitely enjoy doing since before (including me of course 😄). But unfortunately, there was no electricity *since last night 😒. So we were bored and we decided to make DIYs instead. So here’s what we made! Tadaaaaa… Pen/Stationary Holders! 

*I am sorry I didn’t take the step by step pictures because it was not really my plan to post this. The results made me really happy though, so now it made it on my blog 😄 i’ll tell you the steps how we made it anyways.

To make these pen holders, here are what you’ll need:

Empty Plastic bottles of any size

Colored Papers ( you can use paints if you’d like to) 



Glue Stick 

Glue Gun 

Scotch Tape

Correction Pen (or any designing stuffs you’d like to use) 

How to do: 

1. First, you’ll need to cut off the top of the bottle with a cutter. You can cut it wherever you want. Just make sure that the bottle, whatever the height, is still sturdy and will be able to hold your pens without falling over.

   If you are a child, make sure to ask some help from an adult. 

2. Next step, trim the top with a scissor. 
      The cutter likely didn’t cut the bottle evenly so use a scissor to trim it further.

3. Wrap colored paper/s around the bottle. Use glue to secure them in place. 

      The paper can be any color you want. You can also use paints if you prefer doing so. Or stickers and beads. Whatever materials you’ll use, you wanna make sure you apply them neatly. 

4. Use the correction pen (or paint) to draw lines and curves on the bottle. You can always do whatever design you want to. In our case, we opted for a cat design. 

 5. Tape whatever you’ll need to tape, do some last touch ups and and that’s it !! 


        These holders are very simple and easy to make. We’re sorry what we made were not perfect though 😄. But none the less, me and the kids really had so much fun doing this DIY. It was indeed an unforgettable bonding! And I think that’s what matters the most ❤️ 

Here’s Darylle trying to take a selfie with the pen holders. Hahaha 



13 Types of Passengers at the Airport 

13 Types of Passengers at the Airport

Thousands of airline passengers from the different parts of the world pass through our international terminals daily. So it’s no surprise that we have these numerous types of annoying and non-annoying people we may encounter or have already encountered on at least one of our flights. And for the life of airport agents, the struggle is almost everyday.

Over the past three months that I had my on-the-job training at a Philippine airport, I have met almost all kind of people; nice, interesting, bored, rude, impolite and impatient people. And I’ve come up with a more detailed post about these types of passengers who absolutely made me had a love-hate relationship with my job.

They are:

1. The Complainer
The chart topper, of course! These are the people I mostly hate. They literally complain about almost everything.

“Why are the check in counters not open yet?” “Should we wait till tomorrow?” “Your holding area is full!!” “There are no seats available! Should we sit on the floor?”

Well, Sir, if you’d only check your booking, counters open four hours before your flight. And why is there no seat available for you at the holding area? ..because it is yet full of passengers who have earlier flights than you. You may want to roam around the stores for a while nah? As you’re too early for your flight anyway.

2. The Loud Speaker

I’m not only referring to those people who converse with you as if you’re deaf but also to those passengers who talk loudly about their personal stuffs.

‼️Not everyone wants to hear about your whole experience Sir. And FYI, you’re being heard within 500m radius !! *yeah that’s a hyperbole*

3. The Couples 

I divided this type into 3 three categories:

 a) The old couple. Ever seen two 70yr olds cuddle while at the waiting area? These are definitely the types of people who make you believe in FOREVER ❤️❤️ Continue reading

Easiest Way to Clean your Phone Cords!

Ever been frustrated how fast your white cord turns grey? I’m with you mate. This is probably my top problem when it comes to my iphone charger. Well, aside from its cable that keeps breaking *sigh*. We all know that struggle 😪

It’s not surprising how dirty our phone cords can be. I have ditched my white iphone cable months ago and I bought a new one from a local store. I seriously couldn’t contain seeing it anymore.

Today I will show you how I clean my cord using supplies which you probably already have around the house 🙂

What you’ll need:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Towel / Cloth
  • Phone cords

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DIY Simple Styro Wall Decor + I organized my book shelf yey! 

Wow!! It’s been months 😅😪

I’ve been very busy with college works, if you only knew 😪, that’s why I couldn’t have time to blog. I couldn’t even get time to open my site *sigh*

Anyways, today I was told by Mom to organize my magazines and books and I found styro stars that I bought from a bookstore months ago. I decided to paint it to add as my wall decor.

What you’ll need:

•Poster colors

•Paint brush

•Cardboard or newspaper


Step 1: Get a newspaper or cardboard so you won’t be messing around your furnitures with the paint.

Step 2: Choose your preferred color and paint the styro

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Untitled design

Your bestfriends are usually pretty cool with your acquaintances, but they are not comfortable about your new gal. What could the reason be? Check out the different kinds of toxic friends and find out the ways your ever-trusted friends might try to warn you about them.

1. The Impudent Friend — When she talks to one of your bestfriends, she skips greetings and straightly shows impatience and boredom. When she hangs out at your place, she heads straight to the rooms without even bothering to ask permission first. She neglects to say thank you when your mom serves you snacks and she ignores your older sis entirely.  Continue reading