Quick & Easy Makeup Look : Thoughts and First Impressions

Heyy lovelies!

Today’s post will be a short review for makeup products I recently received and bought few months back. I’ve had some of the items for quite a long time now but I haven’t really used them enough for me to really finalize my thoughts about them. I also created a quick & simple everyday makeup look you can recreate in 15 minutes which I posted below!

1. LORAC Natural Performance Foundation in Porcelain

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I got the shade Sand Sable which is too light to cover my dark circles.

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Suave Voxbox Review : Almond + Shea Butter Body Lotion & Avocado+Olive Oil Body Wash

Happy Thursday everyone!

I have been using Suave products for so many years now and I have always liked pretty much everything they had to offer, that’s why it has been one of my favorite brands when it comes to body and hair products. I got really excited when I received an email from them more than a week ago. It said I have been chosen to receive a Suave Voxbox this month! If you didn’t know, Voxboxes are from Influenster which is a website/app that lets you review products and share your thoughts with other users. They also have campaigns and surveys which are really fun to do! It is a great way to learn more about specific products and they send you voxbox when they get to choose you as one lucky influenster! How cool is that?

If you want to sign up and learn more about Influenster, click here.

I received my box the other day. They sent full size products so I know they will really last me a long time. It came in a very pretty green box, I was so in love! Inside it are the new Suave Avocado+Olive Oil Body Wash, Almond+Shea Butter Body Lotion and a green body sponge.

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EPILIN Hair Removal Wax Review 

Hello everyone ❤

Today’s post is a review of a product that I got about a week ago and which I was excited to try, it’s the Epilin Wax Hair Remover.

You guys may not know that i’ve been doing this method of hair removal for almost a year now and no I don’t go to waxing salons, I do it by myself.  I’m not gonna say it’s the most convenient way to remove body hairs and if you don’t really have patience on sitting down for long hours just to get rid of every hair you need to get rid of, then this method is not for you girl. This is very time-consuming and requires you long patience. (But you can definitely go and have it done for you in a waxing salon of course.) If you’d ask me, I personally prefer waxing than shaving because it just gives great results and the hair would usually grow thinner and I would wait for like 2-4weeks before waxing again. (Although I would like to try using an epilator very soon so if you could suggest a good brand then that would be really appreciated ! ) 

Enough with the babbling! Let’s get to the review ! 

Product Description:

EPILIN is the ideal Hair Remover for homes and modern salons and is indispensable for your aesthetic care. EPILIN removes unwanted hair on face and body (lip, chin, legs, arms, armpits, bikini line). EPILIN is 100% natural and very skin friendly. There are no chemicals that can dissolve hair and attack your skin. EPILIN removes hair down to the root and has a long lasting effect. Repeated use of EPILIN will weaken roots, hair will grow thinner and may eventually disappear. EPILIN is very economical and easy to use. One cup will last for several applications and give you hairless beauty at the lower cost. 


I bought the product for only Php89.00. It contains 45g of wax on a melting pan. It also comes with a spatula. 


  • Natural tree resin
  • Natural beeswax
  • Vegetable oil. 

No chemicals, no colorants, no fragrances. All natural.

Skin Preparation: 

Wash area to be treated with soap and water or astringent. This removes oiliness that can prevent the wax from firmly sticking to the hair. Hair to be removed should be at least 3-4mm long to afford the wax enough hold. 

Heating the Wax:

Melt wax on low heat. Overheating beyond 170°C (338°F) can destroy wax properties. 

Melt only as much wax as you need. Right after melting, the wax may still be too hot. If so, let the wax cool to ideal application temperature of 40-45°C. This is well tolerated and perceived as warm, not burning hot. This viscosity of the wax at this temperature is thick, like honey, and the wax flows slowly on the spatula. The ideal application temperature is reached shortly before the wax turns solid again. Maintain the wax at this temperature. Test wax temperature on your wrist before applying it. Let it cool a little longer, if it is still too hot. 


Apply a strip of wax on the clean, dry skin. Spread it evenly with the spatula.

After spreading, the wax will harden and develop a hold on your hair. Hardening takes around 10 seconds in a cool room and longer when it’s warmer. 


Loosen the wax strip at one end and pull it off with a rapid motion – against the direction of hair growth. 

  • If done correctly, you’ll hold a wax strip with the hair in it. 
  • If you still encounter stickiness, the wax didn’t cool enough. 
  • If the wax strip breaks, it hardened too long.

 After waxing: 

Wash area with hot, moist towel to remove any excess wax. Temporary redness is the waxed area is normal. No lotions should be allowed after waxing. If anything, use something with disinfectant properties. 

Quick Tips:

Before waxing, I exfoliated my skin using the Asian Secrets body scrub. I then dried my skin with a towel in a patting motion. I also applied baby powder onto the areas I wanted to wax because ladies it will make waxing easier and less painful, so make sure you do too! 

During waxing, make sure you wait for just about 10-15 seconds before you pull out the wax from your skin. Tried and tested, this is how long you just have to wait to get best results. Pressing down onto the waxed area for few seconds can also dull the pain.

* I didn’t use the spatula that came with the product as it is too small. I used a spatula from Veet. 

After waxing, pat a hot & moist towel onto the waxed areas. This will help soothe your skin. Wait for 24 hours then you can exfoliate your skin again to avoid ingrown hairs. 


Final Thoughts: 

I was honestly surprised with the results. Usually, when I use another brand, after waxing I would see some little root bulbs (if that’s how you call it) that are still on my skin and were not removed. But with the Epilin wax, my skin was completely clean and it did a great job removing the hairs! Plus, it’s 100% made from natural ingredients so that’s just also really impressing. Over all, I would rate the product 9/10 👌

So that’s everything for this review guys! I hope you like this post. What are your thoughts about the product? Have you tried it? Tell me about it! 

Also if you have questions, comments or suggestions, make sure you leave them down below! I’d be happy to read and answer them. 

See you on my next post ❤ 

Mel xx

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and the product mentioned above was purchased by me. This review contains my honest opinions based on my own experience. 

Glamworks Hair Removal Hot Wax Kit Review

Hello !!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I know it has been ages since I’ve been here last, i’m so sorry for that. But sometimes, life just takes over. Or maybe it’s just hard for me to make time for blogging ( I’m bad at time management, and college life sucks 😭) But anyway, I’ll be here more often now that I have only few college days left 👌and I’m so excited for the upcoming posts I have in mind!

For the meantime, let’s discuss our blog post for today which is about this Glamworks Hair Removal Hot Wax Kit ….. Tadaaaaaaa !!!

The kit includes 50Grams of wax (divided into 2 circle shaped wax, each has 25Grams) , melting pan and a spatula .

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Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash Review

Hiii everyone !!

So as I have written on my 2nd post here on my blog, I went to Baguio for a seminar last August. And because I’ve already had too much to carry on my bag, I didn’t bring my favorite products that I use for my skincare routine anymore. And I actually had no plan to buy any skin products 😀 . But when we once dropped by at a 7/11 , I was surprised to see a new herbal facial wash. I decided i’d picked it out. It was only P30+ anyway, i didn’t think it would hurt my pocket at all 🙂

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